Rule of Three photo with Becky Crouch, Maarten Idema, and James Stewart laying in the grass
Rule of Three is on from the 30th April until May 3rd 2014. Starts at 10PM.

Good things come in threes, like little pigs, dimensions and occasionally nipples. And, quite often, comedians. Combining shrewd musical comedy, sharp one-liners and surreal ranting, this trio bring their contrasting styles together for a show with more than two kinds of funny. But less than four.

Raw Comedy Quest winner Maarten Idema joins runner-up James Stewart and standout Becky Crouch for a showcase with three very unique comedic voices.

Call it a dysfunctional laugh triangle. Call it the Rule of 3.

Here is a great review from Keeping up with NZ.

Luna at Q Theatre, Lower Greys Avenue

Tickets are from $12 to $18. Click the link to purchase.

Colourful image of Becky Crouch

Becky Crouch was a crowd favourite at the 2013 Raw Comedy Quest Final. Her combination of irreverent musical stylings and social awkwardness are always a big hit with the ladies, and she has the sexy dance moves to seal the deal.

Becky is friendly, likeable and most importantly funny. Rounding off her set with an original song she has us all singing the chorus with her. This is one lady to watch, and given the dearth of female comedians on the Kiwi circuit she could fast become hot comedy property. --Jan Maree
Colourful image of Maarten Idema

Aw look at that face. Maarten Idema was the winner of the Raw Comedy Quest in 2013 and is just an all round winner in general really. Maarten brings comedy one line at a time. Smart, quick and witty.

A comedian who had the audience in the palm of his hand with a perfectly paced set of clever and original material –-Keeping Up With NZ

Colourful image of James Stewart

James Stewart strives for an encyclopedic knowledge of everything. In fact, he likes books more than he likes people. Which is why he enjoys comedy, as he gets to have a conversation where nobody gets to talk back. No offense. You’re probably very nice. James was runner up at Raw Comedy Quest 2013.

Very confident and polished in his delivery. --Theatre Review